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My name is Shelley Ross and I'm the author of Treating Your Endometriosis.

Treating Your Endometriosis came about after my best friend had been suffering increasingly debilitating endometriosis symptoms; it was taking over her life and as a health researcher I wanted to use my skills to help out.

So, I set myself the task of researching all aspects of Endometriosis and bought together the best and most recent research available into one easy to follow comprehensive program.

I realized that what I had discovered could help many other women too, so I created an easy to follow downloadable ebook available for anyone to read.

Since then I have helped thousands of Endometriosis sufferers regain their lives and effectively prevent and manage their symptoms through the publication of my free "Treating Your Endometriosis" Newsletter.

You can read some example content of this email newsletter by clicking on the "Sample Endometriosis Email Newsletter Content" link below.

And if you would like to find out more about the Treating Your Endometriosis downloadable eBook and finally learn simple ways to manage your symptoms naturally then click on this link today:

Treating Your Endometriosis


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Sample Endometriosis Email Newsletter Content - Treating Your Endometriosis

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